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My name is Arrianna Mathieson. I have been involved in the workplace wellness space since 2003, providing workplace massage to Companies, nationwide through our business MMC Corporate. Now I’ve taken a big international step forward by adding an offering that focuses on holistic health and wellness through our Feel Fit Program.

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with healthy eating and exercise habits. I don’t want to be another “one of those stories” where I’m telling you “do this new thing and all will be well”. I know that’s what I’d be thinking if I was reading this. Like me, many people know exactly what they need to do to be healthy – so why not just do it?

I have found that there are loads of people out there like me. I may not do what I need to do for myself to be healthy, but, if someone else is depending on me I simply won’t let them down. Showing up for the benefit of someone else takes precedent over my own feelings of “I don’t feel like it”.

That’s why I designed the Feel Fit Program. To inspire and encourage people to achieve their health goals together not just for themselves and by themselves, but to take someone else on the journey with them. I 100% believe that we’re BETTER TOGETHER.

Two years ago, I successfully co-ordinated the FEEL FIT Program on Facebook for individuals who heard my story and wanted to join the journey. Participants and team mates were based in different geographical locations worldwide but were still successfully engaged and achieving their goals together, even during lockdowns.

With this success, I decided to create a platform for my Corporate Clients who were looking for other ways to implement practical elements to their Workplace Wellness Programs.

TRY IT. And join the journey.

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