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On a daily basis, participants are provided bite-sized information that helps them understand the principles of health in layman’s terms, and what they are experiencing as they move through the program. We aim to set participants up to adopt healthy, life-time habits. We’re not about perfection, we prefer to promote progression.

Habits are more likely to be formed when we understand WHY we should form them.  Think back to “That Sugar Movie”.  Most of us who watched that, made a decision to eliminate as much sugar from our diets as possible.  Sugar.  The substance that makes all the sweet things in life taste, well, sweet.

In this program we initially eliminate foods that are inflammatory to the body and the gut such as;

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Alcohol
  • Added Sugar
  • Coffee

Many of us may believe that there’s something on that list that will be impossible to eliminate for 30 days, such as coffee or alcohol. However, when we understand how these foods negatively affect us, we have found that most people are willing to give those things up for at least 1 month in exchange for unbelievable energy, improved sleep patterns, glowing skin, sharper thinking, elimination of bloating and even weight loss.

Our education nuggets are designed to help participants understand the benefits to them, so they can more willingly implement those eliminations. We’re not saying it’s forever, but it’s worth it so we can experience just how WELL we can feel.

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